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Rocket League® Haunted Hallows Event – Feat. Chucky

Psyonix, the San Diego video game developer, brings iconic horror villains Billy The Puppet, Chucky, Leatherface, and Sam into Rocket League to headline the annual Haunted Hallows Event beginning October 19, 2022. This year’s Haunted Hallows in-game event will feature new Event Challenges with horror villain-themed items, a collection of scary new content in the Item Shop, a new spooky Arena Variant, two Limited Time Modes (LTMs), and Golden Pumpkins.

The content that will be included throughout Haunted Hallows is:

●    New Haunted Hallows Event Challenges - Players will be able to complete Event Challenges to unlock items themed after iconic horror villains such as the Billy The Puppet Decal, Jigsaw Blade Wheels, Chucky Doll Decal, Good Guys Wheel, Leatherface’s Mask Decal, Leatherface’s Chainsaw Wheel, Sam’s Trick Decal, and Sam’s Treat Wheel. Additional Challenge rewards will be Halloween-themed items and Golden Pumpkins (Golden Pumpkins will unlock items from Velocity, Triumph, and Auriga Item Series).

●    Scary New Item Shop Content - The Billy The Puppet Goal Explosion, Hello Zepp Player Anthem, Chucky’s Laugh Player Anthem, Leatherface’s Chainsaw Player Anthem, Trick or Treat Player Anthem (Music by Douglas Pipes), John Carpenter’s iconic Halloween theme as a Player Anthem, and Muse’s song “You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween” as a Player Anthem will be available in the Item Shop for the duration of the event. The Billy The Puppet Goal Explosion will be priced at 800 Credits while the Player Anthems will be priced at 300 Credits each.

●    Farmstead (Spooky) Arena Variant - Farmstead Arena gets a spooky makeover for the upcoming Haunted Hallows event.

●    Spooky Cube and Heatseeker LTMs - Super Cube, a goofy mode that messes with mutators and changes the maximum speed, bounciness, and shape of the Rocket League ball, will come back as Spooky Cube! Spooky Cube adds a festive layer to the mode by having the cubic shaped ball replaced with a cubic shaped Jack-o'-Lantern. In addition, Heatseeker will also be returning for Haunted Hallows. Spooky Cube will be available from October 19 to October 26, while Heatseeker will be available from October 26 until November 1.

Haunted Hallows will be live in Rocket League from October 19 until November 1. During the event, the Sole Survivor Player Title will also be available for free in the Item Shop. 

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