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Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood

Skybound Entertainment, the creator-led, multi-platform entertainment company, in collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms released Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, a video game inspired by Universal Pictures’ new horror-comedy, Renfield, starring Nicolas Cage as Dracula and Nicholas Hoult as his long-suffering servant, Renfield. 

Renfield, a Skybound/Giant Wildcat production, is from a screen story by Skybound founder Robert Kirkman, who is also a producer of the film. 

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood is being developed by Skybound partner Mega Cat Studios and is available globally in Steam Early Access for PC for $4.99 / €4.99 / £4.49. Skybound and Mega Cat will be delivering additional content and updates post-launch and throughout the summer. 

In the game, inspired by the events of the movie, Dracula tasks players with a simple job - do everything he wants them to do for the rest of his immortal life. It's a demanding gig, but the benefits are great - immortality, mystic powers and a high-fiber diet of mostly insects. Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood is a single-player adventure that combines the simplicity of one-touch gameplay with frenetic, room-based action for a new roguelite experience. With unique stages, dozens of enemies, diabolical bosses and enough weapons for a bug-powered bloody rampage, Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood shows players the ups and downs of serving the worst boss in history - Dracula. 

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood captures the Renfield film universe with one-touch gameplay that innovates on the familiar roguelite recipe and takes inspiration from extraction shooter games. The simple controls allow players to clear rooms filled with frenetic action while environmental objects and collectibles will create new split-decision moments as players pick their path through hordes of enemies. Players will also deal with Dracula’s constant and hilarious fetch quest demands that parallel the storyline from the movie.

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