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DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX

Gala, one of the leading innovators in Web3 entertainment, is collaborating with Universal Games and Digital Platforms on the release of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX, a series of digital collectibles inspired by characters from the blockbuster films. DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX marks the highly-anticipated fourth VOX release from Gala, is available now for purchase on Coinbase NFT.

VOX are collectible, one-of-a-kind non-fungible tokens (NFTs), that are 3D, animated and have future utility. Each VOX is programmatically generated and provably unique, meaning that no two VOX look the same. What’s more, VOX are designed to have various utility. All VOX have multiple pathways to future rewards for owners, including anticipated playability in the upcoming VOXverse metaverse, currently being designed and built by legendary Sims creator Will Wright and Gallium Studios.

In total, 8,888 unique DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX will be released, including ones inspired by Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond and other dynamic characters. Fans of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls franchise, Gala and VOX will be able to purchase a mystery VOX Box, which, once exchanged, will be revealed to the owner. Each VOX in the DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX collection will have unique traits inspired by characters from the hit franchise with some DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX being more special than others. Similar to Gala’s widely popular Mirandus Dragon VOX, which sold on the secondary market for $1.48 Million, the DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls VOX drop will feature a special 1 of 3 VOX in the collection – the Yarn Snake.

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