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Rocket League Summer Road Trip

Summer Road Trip, an in-game summer celebration, will begin in Rocket League starting July 1, on all platforms!  The Summer Road Trip will feature new and returning content, such as cars that will be available for the first time since the game transitioned to free to play, as well as numerous Limited Time Modes (LTM).

The cars coming back to Rocket League throughout the Summer Road Trip include the Ford F-150 RLE, the DeLorean time machine from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s Back to the Future franchise, the Jeep Wrangler from Universal and Amblin’s Jurassic World franchise, as well as K.I.T.T. from NBC’s Knight Rider. In addition to the cars, there will be a Summer Formal Bundle to celebrate Rocket League’s Sixth Anniversary on July 7. The LTMs that will be available are Heatseeker, Beach Ball, Dropshot Rumble and a new Rocket Labs called Loophole where players will need to score through holes in the floor instead of standard goals.

The full Summer Road Trip Item Shop release and LTM schedule is below:

July 1 - July 7

  • Ford F-150 Red, White, & Boom Bundle 
  • Ford F-150 RLE
  • Formation BFT Decal
  • Union Beams Boost
  • Ford of July Player Banner
  • Ford F-150 Player Banner
  • Ford F-150 RLE Wheels
  • Ford F-150 SE Wheels
  • Ford F-150 RLE Boost
  • Chairman Decal
  • Ford F-150 RLE Engine Audio
  • Heatseeker LTM Live (July 1 - July 5)
  • 2XP Weekend (July 1 - July 5)

July 7

  • Summer Formal Bundle (only available on July 7)
  • Octane Fancy Formal Decal
  • Formal Fitter Topper
  • Formal Four-Fours Wheels
  • Fancy Ferrule Antenna (Free Item)

July 8 - July 14

  • Knight Rider Bundle
  • K.I.T.T.
  • K.I.T.T. Wheels
  • K.I.T.T. Boost
  • K.I.T.T. Gullwing Topper
  • Knight Industries Player Banner
  • Knight Rider Player Banner
  • K.I.T.T. Engine Audio
  • Beach Ball LTM Live (July 8 - July 12)

July 15 - July 21

  • Back to the Future Bundle
  • DeLorean Time Machine
  • DeLorean Time Machine Wheels 
  • OutaTime Boost 
  • DeLorean Time Machine Trail
  • DeLorean Time Machine Engine Audio
  • Hoverboard Topper
  • Marty Jr. Topper
  • Dropshot Rumble LTM Live (July 15 - July 19)

July 22 - July 28

  • Jurassic World Bundle
  • Jurassic Jeep Wrangler
  • T.rex Goal Explosion
  • Jurassic Jeep Wrangler Wheels
  • Jurassic Park Player Banner
  • Jurassic World Player Banner
  • Mr. DNA Player Banner
  • Jurassic Park Hard Hat Topper
  • Jurassic World Antenna
  • Jurassic Park Antenna
  • InGen Antenna
  • Jurassic Jeep Wrangler Engine Audio
  • Jurassic Jeep Wrangler 
  • T.rex Goal Explosion
  • Rocket Labs: Loophole LTM Live (July 22 - July 26)

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